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Photo Tobi by on Unsplash

Shackles on our feet, cuffs
on our wrists. Paraded as thieves
our crime: success, good gadget
mostly our fashion sense.

Ignorance of our rights isn't our plight
but guns pointed to our heads, we heard
Chika was shot dead yesterday
so we plead for mercy: Sir, please!

"Oga no vex, na 150k be all the money
I get." Don’t be fooled! If he accepts
and we are released, we yell hallelujah
and rain curses with the same breath.
Why? We could be corpses.

You still wonder why we protest
and won’t be hushed?
For Tolu, Jimoh and Eze,
For me and other youths.
Give us justice; End Sars, now!

©2020 Nasa

Photo by Hugo on Unsplash

At times your body revolts
It goes all rogue on you
And threatens hailstorm,
fire and glaciers
It makes you wonder
If it forgets you are a team.

At times your brain goes mad!
It throws tantrums and halts!
I mean stop altogether and just
burrow into itself, adamantly!
It makes you cringe!
Just you don't actually get to.

Other times your mind is free
It doesn't play judge or referee
There is peace within you not
because war has been dispelled
The battleground is no longer you.

©2020 Nasa

A poem

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

The night will give way for the day
Wait, I will!
While the ticking of the clock claws at my soul,
I will fix my gaze on the stars,
beseeching its light to numb my mind, yet
scribe all I would, each line calls to you.
Demanding that the universe give way to you.
Buried in the gaze of the stars,
I will find my calm:
The day will tarry no longer.
And this hurt will ease with each second;
I have been told. Wait, I will!
Until my heart learns not to hurt this much

©2020 Nasa


Photo by Dana Cristea on Unsplash

My heart sighs
weighed more than ever
She says to herself:
" If only these wishes be
Then I will be a kite!
The colour dangling from above"

You whispered to my heart.
You sing the melody that frees her,
each line a call to breathe, freely.

The truth you whispered binds me:
A prisoner I remained, afar from one
lord bond by another!
Today, my chains are different.

Hope sinks! drowned by reality:
My blood spills as nourishment
to the earth.

The curse begins,
another soul is bond.

©2020 Nasa

Photo by Nasa

My name was just a word:
Letters strung together
without character until
I heard you say it!
Now I own it with pride

I love you!
This was compliment,
offered and received
thoughtlessly until you
showed me it is a promise!

Our forever was wrapped
in a few days but always:
There will be music in my
name and the knowledge
that love is more.

©2020 Nasa

Photo by Eric Brolin on Unsplash

Some days, when I let myself go;
I get mad! Mad about the frailty of life
Saddened by its loose grips and thorny
claws and I am okay with it

Sometimes I am rage!
Sickened by my lack of guile
and the ointment of balm, I give
how well is being good being to me;
I yell in my head!

Most days, I forget:
What is and isn’t?
Saddled with peace, I waltz
On these days, I am the happy
lady down the street with a
smile for everyone.

©2020 Nasa


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The whys and whats
never did have an answer.
They whisper a promise.
Together with the hows
they offer a taste of rest.
While they steal treasures
from you. They take as
prisoner your control
and doom you to an
affair with misery, forever.
Their hold is strong and
allure to the mind is poison.

©2020 Nasa

Photo by Sincere Media on Unsplash

When words fall:
They take on various grace.
It could be as loud as the thundering
of my heart when it races for you,
or as the flicker of warmth that
stirs in my heart when you say
my name.

When words spill:
They could be lightning or hell-storm.
It could make an angel of an oaf
or dispel a giant into an ant form.
It can be beautiful or outright ugly!

When word comes:
The letters do not decide.
The owner doesn't have all the power.
Sometimes, he learns that later.

© 2020 Nasa


My heart spills words in her finery and my fingers move in tune to the song it makes, creating a picture for you to see and be whole. I am Nasa and I write

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